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  • Online Globally Unique IDentifier generator

    This is a simple online tool for generating globally unique ids (GUIDs) aka universally unique ids (UUIDs).

    What is it used for:

    A GUID represents a Unique identifier - means you cannot generate the same GUID more than once. A GUID has a very low (...practically impossible) probability of being duplicated. GUIDs are applied for identification purposes in a number of fields in the computer industry.

      Possible uses are (but are not limited to):
    • The identifiers in the windows registry.
    • Identifiers used in databases.
    • Identifiers used in RPC (COM, CORBA) (remote procedure calls)
    • To ensure nobody else would - by accident - provide something conflicting.

    GUIDs can be generated in a number of ways; most often a hash of several things that might be unique at any given point in time like the IP address plus the clock date/time etc are used to generate Unique Ids. Each system may have slightly different algorithm to generate the Unique Id.