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IP Country Converter

This tool will determine the country by IP address over a range of IP lists. Just enter your ip list in a text file and load the list into the program. Press 'Display country' and you will have the IP to Country entries. The program can do also do WhoIs requests for a specific domain. It's lightning fast and free for everyone.

IP-to-Country is about 80% accurate on country recognition. The main reasons for this lie in the existence of dynamic IP addresses and Internet access through proxy servers. Also, it should be noted that the IP-to-Country seeks to indicate the country where resources were first allocated or assigned and are not an authoritative statement of the location in which any specific resource may currently be in use. These cases are very difficult and sometimes impossible to map. However at this moment the IP-to-Country is by far the most accurate way to determine the location of Internet users in real-time.



You can use IP-to-Country and Tools for:

  • Real Time Geo-Locating (Country)
  • Provide Location Aware Content (language, currency, etc.)
  • Corporate Websites/E-commerce (think global, act local)
  • Fraud Detection (Credit Card Fraud, etc.)
  • On-line Campaign(targeted Banner Ads)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Web Server Log Analysis
  • Auto-selection of fields on forms (country, currency,language, etc.)
  • Filter access on basis of originating country
  • Spam Filtering

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