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    Freelabs Ip Tray is a simple tool that it will give you the Host Name and IP of your machine. It's main window stays on top of your windows, it's small, easy to use and transparent. It's really usefull to find your IP if it changes dynamicaly every time you start up your machine. It has a nice feature to copy the current IP to cliboard. Just move your mouse over the tray icon and you will see the current assigned IP

    There are some features and useful options that might interest you:

    Freelabs Ip Tray's features include:

    • Intuitive Interface
    • Mouse over the tray icon it will show you the current IP
    • Copy the IP value to cliboard
    • Hide main window to tray
    • Transparent background
    • Easy to install or uninstall it

    Standard Functionality

    This simple, easy to use tool sits right on your Windows Desktop for quick and direct access to your daily events.


    Download Download url: Ip Info Tray
    License License: Free